Emmersea II

Vol. III, Chapter 16

Poor Mr. Dandy

Drenched in the sudden deluge, Phaedra felt her brother’s weight sag against her. She slightly released her grip and looked up into Andren’s eyes. Relief flooded in when she saw that he was in his right mind again.

Moving her arms from his waist to around his neck, she pulled him in for a soggy embrace. Whispering she told him, “you have to stop touching things Ande. I don’t want to have to defend you from our friends again.”

Pulling back she asked, more loudly, “What happened to you, and what do you remember?”

Locke ambled up, dagger in hand. “Are y’sure it’s him? Maybe we should poke him a few times to be certain.”

The look of horror that had been on Andren’s face disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared, and was replaced by bewilderment. Shaking his head to clear his mind he looked around at his companions. “How… why…” Andren paused a moment and his shoulders slumped. “Oh.. again? What happened this time?” Just then he noticed that he and Phaedra were soaked from head to foot, standing in a puddle of water. “And why am I all wet?!”

Standing between Andren and Locke, Phaedra eyed the half-elf, warily debating the seriousness of his comment. “Please,” she said, addressing all her companions. “Going forward, we should be aware that this house has the ability to possess any of us. Could we agree to not instantly resort to lethal means of chasing out the demons? Andren did nothing to any of you, he was attempting, for whatever reason to run away. Reaching for your daggers, and crossbows does not seem to be the wisest initial choice to make. Had he attacked you, then by all means defend yourself. But he wasn’t in his right mind, you knew it, and I would think that if the roles were reversed you each would want the same courtesy.”

Turning her eyes again to Locke, “Andren and I are here to help you chase away your demon,” she gestured to the locket around his neck. “If you no longer desire our help, please say so and we will return to Brightbanner Keep to await Lord Fordring’s command.”

Locke chuckled as he sheathed his dagger. “Relax, I was only joking. Besides, the big lug can take a lot more punishment than my little dagger or crossbow can dish out. Stop babying him so much.”

The rogue turned serious. “But I am grateful for your help. Really, all of you. I just think the best way to keep from going insane in this crazy house is to keep our sense of humor about us.”

Phaedra rolled her eyes, “I don’t baby him.” Turning again to Andren, “Honestly, do you remember anything at all?”

Kothal entered the room having heard sounds of a fight. “Ah, seems I missed the action. I apologize, sometimes I uh… get a little lost in my head. The voices can be quite.. nevermind. What happened here?”

“Phaedra was just telling us how she doesn’t baby Andren while simultaneously babying him.”

Ignoring Locke, she crossed her arms and glared at Andren. "We were waiting for this one to fill us in on what was going on inside his head”, Phaedra responded.

Andren thought for a moment. “I think … it’s like trying to remember a dream… there are only bits and pieces I can recall. When I touched the book, the real world suddenly fell away and became… well… stained glass. I know that sounds crazy but I saw events unfolding in stained glass, like the windows we saw. I saw a man spending years poring over librams, concocting some sort of vile potion, and building something… I think it was a phylactery, Phaedra.” Andren paused and looked at his companions. “I think he was trying to become a lich, but failed. Something went wrong.”

“As the vision ended I again felt myself being taken over by… something. I think it was the same ghostly entity that took control of me before. Again I had this terrible dread, and a need to escape with my daughter. That’s all I remember.”

Norkel grinned as he spoke, “The water MAY be my doing. I was a little concerned with what was going to happen when you got where you were going. You broke free from my vines, avoided a pounce, the water was a last resort.” He turned toward Phaedra, “none of us wanted to harm your brother, we were just trying to get him back.”

Phaedra smiled at Norkel, “I’m glad. I just wanted to make sure we were all going forward on the same page.”

Phaedra looked at Andren. “Maybe you should start letting one of us inspect every blessed thing in the rooms for you. We are looking for something specific, remember. There really isn’t a need to turn over every nook and cranny. Your curiosity will be then end of you.”

Locke piped up. “I don’t know, I think you’ve got the makings of a right fine rogue Andren, for a draenei. Natural curiosity is important. Heh, maybe when all this blows over, I’ll take you to the Thieves’ Guild in Durnholde for some training.”

“Um, yes that sounds like a wonderful idea Ande. Maybe you could sprout wings and fly too. This sorrow moss isn’t going to find itself,” Phaedra adeptly hid the look of disgust on her face. “Let’s move on, and just be careful alright?”

“Don’t call him Ande”, Locke said.

“Curiosity can get you killed”, said Kothal. “It killed the cat. Our cat. Well, curiosity and a nightmarish creature from beyond the stars. Curiosity didn’t literally explode his mind. The thing did that. But curiosity and chance introduced the cat to it. Poor Mr. Dandy. I liked that cat… Right where was I? Ah, indeed, Andren stop touching things please.

“Quick question… While I was… Away… Did anyone else hear something whispering to you? Something about death, defiance, blood, death, google, phylactery, dead, pain, DNS, blood, red, servers, phylactery, death? No? Just me then. Huh. Also all of my books now seem to skip page 404… It just can’t be found.”

Andren pulled away from Phaedra with a sullen expression. “Fine. I won’t touch anything anymore.” He then mumbled something under his breath about jerks ruining his fun but they couldn’t be sure of what he was saying. “So now what?”

“We should head back to the room where you were possessed. This last time I mean”, Locke said. “It had the look of a workshop or laboratory. That seems the most likely place to find a sample of sorrow moss.”

Kothal perked up. “I missed a laboratory!?! I concur, we must return to the for the moss, and whatever else may be there.”



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